Extinct In My Lifetime

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A simulation and learning game, similar to EA/Maxis “Sim City” series, that teaches about animal extinction.

The game will include real life examples, and animals on the endangered list that will go extinct within our lifetime.

You attempt to save an animal species, of your choice, from extinction by fighting these real life issues.

Possibly a social media game, where donating would be possible and would be sent to the World Wildlife Fund or similar groups. 

Currently seeking investors 
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BrainSpace LMS


BrainSpace LMS design incorporates the educational needs of efficiently delivering information with the benefits of community interactions present in current online social networking sites such as Facebook.

This new environment will allow for many types of multimedia to be integrated directly into course content easily without the need for any external software outside of the target platform requirements.

Discussion areas will be more closely integrated with the course material and will offer a more cohesive way for students and instructors to engage and participate in class discussions. Students will be able to easily bring their own multimedia content in to discussions. Topics and threads for discussions will be easy to follow and contribute to.

Students and instructors will have a central place to manage not only their educational courses and resources from, but also be able to engage with classmates, other students and instructors socially.