About Anathema Studio

Anathema Studio

Work at the “Studio” has included:

Web Design and Development:
CMS Websites: Drupal, WordPress, or Moodle: setup, theme customization, content creation, image preparation and optimization, module use and app integration including eCommerce mods and apps, industry standard security, marketing, branding, SEO, marketing research, database admin, site updates and backups, etc.; Custom Website Design: site creation and upkeep using standard coding languages: HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, JS, JQuery, PHP, XML, etc., responsive design, interactive content creation, image preparation and optimization, SEO, industry standard security, etc.

Brand Development:
Company logos, product logos, event logos, graphic identities, styleguides, color scheme variations, marketing, and research, etc.

Mixed Media:
Mixed media is often used to assist in the creation of various images, animations, videos, and other new media and interactive content, etc. Media used includes combinations of: painting (acrylic, water color), photography (digital, black & white, non-traditional), drawing (portrait, landscape, technical), sculpture (found objects, metal), etc.

Print Design:
Letterhead, business cards, wine labels, book covers, brochures, posters, print advertisements, marketing collateral, product packaging, postcards, event programs, invitations, announcements, catalogs, signage, banners, menus, etc.

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